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The role of Neptune is to dissolve your current reality, in order for a new reality to emerge. Neptune is the planet of the cosmos, and its role is to regularly update our earthy view of reality, with the multi-faceted, high-vibration reality of the Universe. Neptune, the god of water, represents the potential that opens up to us when we acknowledge we are just a drop of water, and consciously throw ourselves into the ocean of endless possibilities. But the higher knowledge, the higher love, the higher gifts that come when we surrender to the ocean come only when you completely open yourself to new ways of being or doing.

December is a time to dissolve old structures, old ways of being and doing. In January , in the Capricorn season, you will build new foundations for the future. But now is the time to dream big, bigger than ever, and open yourself up to a completely different reality. Will you wait and see? Or will you take real action to change your life? For the sake of Jupiter in Sagittarius, no more of repeating the same old.

On December 2nd, Venus re enters Scorpio. No more drama. No more karmic excuses. Just pure Goddess energy. This is the first kick of Neptune energy in December.

The Sun is you. Neptune is the planet of infinite possibilities. A square is a dynamic aspect, and will ask you to take action. More exactly, a new course of action. If you cling to old ways, Neptune will bring you confusion and illusions. If you open up to creative possibilities, Neptune will bring you inspiration. This is a very healing configuration — you will gain deep insights into what it is that is hurting can come around these dates, as well as solutions to stop the suffering.

If nothing hurts, still, take this opportunity to open up to new healing opportunities. Perhaps you can take an active role as a healer. Whatever you do now, is in alignment with the Universe, thanks to the supporting alignment with the North Node. The message? Take inspired action to make your dreams come true! On December 12, , Mercury re-enters Sagittarius.

How The December 2018 Full Cold Moon In Cancer Will Affect Your Love Life & Relationships

If you believe your life can never change, think again. This is much welcomed before you dive into the serious Capricorn season. In fact, this is the last Uranus trine Sun in Fire signs we will have for a long time, before Uranus moves into Taurus for good in March Make sure you take advantage of it and tap into your spiritual genius. This is my favorite transit of the month. Normally any Jupiter conjunctions to personal planets are auspicious, but this one, especially so, because it lasts much longer than usual! Normally a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction lasts for days, but this one lasts for almost two months , thanks to the retrograde motion of Mercury.

You will finally be able to access parts of your brain that were dormant. Or did not work well together.

Imagine a scientist that bashes astrology because they are in their Mercury mind. And now imagine the scientist genuinely opening up to other laws of cause and effect, while the astrologer genuinely opening up to how the latest astronomy discoveries can shed new light into astrology interpretation. The Full Moon is sexile Uranus and square Chiron. Expect a lot of things to happen around this date. The Moon feels great when Full, because she reigns the night skies all by herself, away from the blinding light of the Sun.

The Full Moon can expose some hidden pains you were not aware of Full Moon square Chiron but will also find some creative healing solutions Full Moon sextile Uranus. If you opened up to the creative possibilities that the Sun-Neptune square brought you at the beginning of the month, then Mercury square Neptune will bring you more details and show you what the next steps are.

Even if that means to change something you believe in. Even if that means to leave your job.

Full Moon December 2018 Star ~ Betelgeuse

Even if that means to abandon your lifetime goals. You change, and your goals change too. No need to cling to the old. Your mind will resist change — expect to be confused! But if you push through resistance, if you embrace confusion, then a whole world can open up to you. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Uranus sextile Uranus is a super successful placement that is likely to add some cosmic magic to the twinkling holiday lights.

Full Moon in December , Full Moon in Cancer 0°49’, December 22 | uzogehepeb.tk

The gifts keep piling up as the Full Cold Moon joins Betelgeuse in Orion , creating a wintry mix of abundance and success. Betelgeuse is a masculine kingly force that brings with it prestige, power, and wealth. Here are 3 ways to harness the lunar energy and magic of this December Full Cold Moon in Cancer. A stroke of good luck, a fateful meeting, or a life-changing opportunity could present itself unexpectedly during this time.

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Keeping yourself open will give you the insight you need to play that wild card to your advantage. Clear up lingering misunderstandings from the last few months. The warmth of this full moon brings positive vibes to put an end to lingering disputes. Ask for and offer forgiveness when the situation warrants and let love and good cheer reign this holiday. This is the season for miracles and this full moon will bring many blessings and opportunities. However to receive all the universe has in store for you, you have to be ready to accept.

The Full Moon is ultimately about letting go of what is no longer serves you, and with this Moon, in Cancer, you are invited to look around at your relationships. As mentioned above, forgive those who have hurt you in the past, but also forgive yourself.

Astrology of December 2018 – Dream Big

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